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In September 2017, Apple launched the iPhone X. It was one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. The iPhone X is also a significant advancement from its predecessor. The specifications of iPhone X are superior as compared to the earlier iPhones. The iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch screen with a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. In addition to the screen size as well as resolution, there are quite a few other advancements as well.

We would go into the specifications of Apple iPhone X below.
General Specifications
• Release date: September 2017
• Dimensions: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm
• Weight: 174 gms
• Battery type: Nonremovable
• Battery size: 2716 mAh
• Colors available: Space Gray, Silver
• Fast Charging: Available, 50% charging within 30 minutes .

Display specifications
• Screen size: 5.8 inches
• Resolution: 1125 x 2436 pixels
• Display Type: Super AMOLED touchscreen
Hardware specifications
• Processor: Hexa Core processor
• Processor manufacturer: Apple A11 Bionic
• Internal storage: 64gb
• Expandable storage: Not permitted
Camera specifications
• Rear camera: 12mp
• Flash: Available
• Front camera: 7mp
Software specifications
• Operating system: iOS 11
Connectivity specifications
• Wi-Fi: Connectivity Available
• Wi-Fi types are supported: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
• GPS: Yes
• Bluetooth: Bluetooth v5 supported
• NFC: Yes
• Infrared: No
• FM: No
• Sim cards supported: 1
Sensor specifications
• Compass: Not Available
• Proximity sensor: Available
• Accelerometer: Available
• Ambient light sensor: Available
• Gyroscope: Available
• Barrowmeter: Available
• Temperature sensor: Not Available
Features of iPhone X:
We would now go into the details of the most significant features of iPhone X and what makes this phone much more superior as compared to others.

• Edge to edge screen:
The edge to edge AMOLED screen is one of the best features of the iPhone X. The advantage of this is that without increasing the actual size of the phone, Apple has been able to provide a larger screen. Also, due to the edge-to-edge screen, the visual appearance of the phone is much better as compared to the earlier ones. Moreover, with 458 ppi across the screen, you can be sure that the resolution, as well as the clarity, would be pretty good enough. This display, ensures that even the smaller details would be adequately reproduced on the 5.8-inch screen.
• More powerful front camera:
The front camera has been made a much more powerful. If you look at the assembly of the front camera, you would realize that it comes with a variety of sensors. The front-facing camera consists of the infrared camera along with flood illuminator and proximity scanner. The ambient light sensor, as well as speaker and microphone, is situated next to the front-facing camera. Apple has clearly stated that all of these sensors combined with the front camera make it Truedepth camera which can be easily used for Face ID, Animoji, and variety of other photography tricks.
Truedepth camera, in the iPhone X front camera enables you to capture the portrait with the aperture reduction technique which ensures that you are able to capture the subject directly with a blurred background as well. Currently, these features are only available in a DSLR camera. Owing to this very reason, the front camera of iPhone X is truly revolutionary.
• Animoji is a good face mapping concept:
Animoji are multiple cartoon characters which would be replicating your face moment. They would even be replicating your expressions as well. The 3-D mapping sensors of the iPhone X which are situated along with the front camera assembly would be able to help you map your face so that the next time around, you are using face ID, you would be able to easily unlock your phone with the help of your face. Also, animoji is a great addition for the current Selfie loving generation.
This feature is evidence that Apple is also recognizing that its iPhones are pretty popular among the younger selfie-loving generation and that is why it has provided them with this fun-filled as well as an extravagant feature. In the current form, the functionality of this feature though is limited.
• Larger screen in a smaller package:
As the screen of iPhone X is an edge to edge, the screen size has been increased to 5.8 inches without significantly increasing the size of the iPhone. This ensures that you are able to get the bigger screen in a smaller package. The digitization of the buttons is a step in the right direction. The edge to edge screen is further enhanced by the high pixel density and the Super AMOLED display. The phone size ensures that you would have to change your usage style inspite of the larger screen.

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